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Running extensions at application level step

The running extensions application level step during analysis, is a step that serves to consolidate results coming from different analyzers and extensions. The log created by this step can be equally crucial to the analysis log, especially when an issue is discovered concerning missing inter-technology links. 

Typically issues reported on this level will be logged as warnings and therefore, validating the impact of such warnings involves detecting the extension that raised the warning, understanding what links towards what technologies this extension is expected to create and validating the results using one of the post-processing tools like Enlighten or Transaction Configuration Center

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Hi Michalis,

There are two times "Run Extension at application level" runs.One before analysis and once after analysis. The one you have described above is after analysis.

Could you please give more insight on this step run before analysis?

Is it just to check whether all the managed extensions are present in the extension folder?


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