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Imaging System 1.6 is available - please contact us if want to test it!

A New version of Imaging System is now available: 

This release focus on Modernization use case helping you to start thinking about Modernization from your Data. What is the adherence of your application from a specific data? 

Another important approach in Modernization is to find adherence of some frameworks, API in your application. we tried to continue to increase the identification of these libraries for JEE and .Net application. 

Plus continuing to improve the User Experience, the UI with new interactivity capabilities, performance improvement and user management. 

Do not hesitate to contact your CAST contact or me if you are interested to test Imaging


Data Call Graph

Business Data are critical in software, especially in modernization context. Imaging automatically highlights which parts of the application call our data entities thanks to Data Call Graph principle. A similar approach than for transaction starting from Tables down to Entry Points (UI, Batch, APIs…)


Framework Identification

Regarding .Net area for this release, we continue to identify frameworks adherence like IBM MQ Communication, System Windows Forms, System Security, System Web Services, System Web (MVC / HTTP), System Threading, System Diagnostics, System Optimization, Cryptography, Newtonsoft, Fluent Validation, PDFsharp, Aspose


Regarding JEE area of applications, continuously improving the identification of QueryDSL Data Access, Logbook, Tinylog, Perf4J, PDFreactor, AOP Alliance, AssertJ, AspectJ, BeanIO, jasypt, Direct Web Remoting, XML DB Oracle, RDF, Feign Core, JExcelApi, Audit4j, Prowide SWIFT, Nimbus JOSE, Nexen, Mock Runner, LegStar COBOL Transformers, Liferay, JaMon, ICU4J, FundSERV Software, SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Report, Avaya Java Telephony, Atomikos, Pluribus, Google Protocol Buffers


Application ID Card

A quick overview of the application to better understand about the size and complexity of the application


And other improvements like

  • Search improvements displaying all links between objects in case of multi selection of objects
  • User Management for roles and application assignment
  • UI options to redesign graphs automatically
  • Global performance improvement for transaction views
  • Error message enhancement when source code not available

About Documentation :


Damien Charlemagne

Director, Product Management, Software Intelligence Consumption (SIC)


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