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CAST-MS-CLI.exe command doesnt support importassessmentmodel when MNGT containing mulitple apps

When we have a triplet that is managing analysis of more than one applications, trying to ImportAssessmentModel using CAST-MS-CLI.exe command it complains about multiple applications being in triplet since, we dont have an application option in the command line.
For eaxmple:
C:\Temp>"%CAST_HOME%\CAST-MS-CLI.exe" ImportAssessmentModel -connectionProfile sandbox838 -file "C:\Temp\CAST 8.3.8 Assessment Model - SQL Injection Disabled.pmx" -logRootPath "C:\temp"
Using arguments:
-connectionProfile: sandbox838
-file: C:\Temp\CAST 8.3.8 Assessment Model - SQL Injection Disabled.pmx
-logRootPath: C:\temp
Log file : C:\temp/CAST-MS-20190313-163425.log.txt
Running action: Import an assessment model file
Error: Missing Applications. The target MNGT database contains more than one application.
Return value: 1000

to over come this issue, we have to Import Assessment Model manually from CAST MS.

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Hello Yeshwanth,

Do we have any plan to add an application argument to the ImportAssessmentModel CAST-MS-CLI.exe command and extract assessment model for a particular application in future/ extract the multiple application assessment models using CAST-MS-CLI.exe command?

If yes, when we can expect it?


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It seems like a bug or limitation but not expected because if CAST-MS allow adding multiple application, the CLI should allow importing Assessment Model.

So if it's considered a bug, what is the plan for perm-fix?

Or if it's considered as limitation, could you please share reference documentation URL

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