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AIP Console 1.19.0 is live!

Release Date: September 30, 2020
The Product team is pleased to announce the new AIP Console 1.19.0 release.
Lots of new features have been added: 
  • Augmented Source Code Discovery Map (it is still in beta but we expect feedback!)
  • Dynamic Link editor to ignore/validate DL manually. 
  • Before updating extensions, user can run the Change Forecast tool to see the impact of changes between versions. 
  • Admin user can now create a new Assessment Model for the application. 
  • Run time prediction is displayed for analysis job and snapshot generation. 
  • Support of mainframe libraries (PDS dump) for source code delivery. 
  • You will find out more in the Release Notes
In addition to that, existing features have been improved:
  • The installer allows now to perform new installation and to update existing installation.
  • The User Interface has been reorganized for the Admin Center. 
  • The User Interface has been improved for Architecture Studio to provide a better experience. 
  • Undo/Redo capacity has been added to the Architecture Studio model editor. 
  • And much more! To see the complete list of improvements, visit the Release Notes
Go to the AIP Console Release Notes, to know all about that new version!

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