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Dashboard tiles not displaying and/or Dashboard performance issues

Here are some things to check if you have dashboard performance issues and/or dashboard tiles are not properly displaying

- Check that the machine which hosts the web server (typically Tomcat) has enough available memory and has been configured with enough memory.

Often issues like with partial display and/or performance are due to memory issues on the web server machine.

Here is the recommendations from CAST for sizing:

Here's how to set the memory for Tomcat:

So if you are having issues of this type, increase the memory available to Tomcat and see if this resolves the issue

- another main area of performance issues is due to the central database statistics not being up to date

To remedy this, run cssoptimize on the central database to update the statistics and then reboot the web server (typically Tomcat)

Here's the information on running cssoptimize:

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