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AIP Console v. 1.14.0 is released!

A new version of AIP Console has been released. It provides various new features and updates:
  • User is now able to configure a location to store custom extensions
  • Sub-logs (logs of each analyzer) are displayed in real-time
  • Module management has been improved
  • Calibrated Function Points values are now displayed in the AFP Count screen
  • It is now possible to view the list of data entities and end points reached by transactions and transactional functions
  • With Architecture Studio, user will be able to add layers based on existing Modules or Analysis Units of a selected application
  • The Application backup/restore action has been improved
  • PL/1 technology is now fully supported
  • and more! 
See the Release Notes for more details. 
AIP Console v. 1.14.0 is available on the CAST Extend portal.

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