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[Feature Request] [LDAP Integration] : HD/ED - Display Name

Hello Team,
This is regarding LDAP authentication.
There should be a flexibility in CAST HD/ED user authentication configuration (LDAP/SAML) so that Common Name or some other parameter can be shown as logged in user in CAST dashboards. As of now it by default shows sAMAccountName as logged in user which generally is a short name through which we login to dashboard.
For e.g. if I am using my sAMAccountName i.e. BBA to login into HD/ED, its shows BBA as logged in user instead of  "BHANU PRAKASH" which is my Common Name (CN) in LDAP. 
This will be a helpful feature for customers who have similar behaviors in there internal portals and want the same for CAST HD/ED. We already have demand from one of our customer for the same.
Bhanu Prakash

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