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How to alter quality rule criticality?

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If you alter the whight to zero, then its required to alter the quality rule to not critical. In fact a weight of 0 for a critical rule does not exclude the rule for calculating the TC, and impacts the grade of the TC if the grade is below the weighted average of all the rules.


For that we suggest you the following methode:

1. Alter the criticality of the metric type trees of all the quality rules in question, for example on a on a single quality rule we will run the following on the central schema:

SET metric_critical = <value > -- 0 for not critical, 1 for critical
WHERE metric_id = <Metric id value>   --1101016 For example

2. Import the assesment model from the central schema, this action will ensure us to preserve the original assesement model as well as the customyzed one

3. Compute the snapshot

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