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LOC for SQL is counted twice

When you are using SQL Analyzer version>=1.0.0-beta5 and you observe LOC is counted twice for SQL i.e Once as “File which contains source code” and also, when it finds DDL statements in the *.sql file in terms of Procedures, Triggers, Views and Functions, then please check below steps:

Run the below query on KB with object type of 'file which contains source code'(1000007) and DDL statement like procedure type(1101009)

Query should result in only one row as shown below for type 1000007 which is inheriting from APM Sources. If it results in more than one row then your SQL Analyzer installation is not proper. Please uninstall and reinstall the SQL Analyzer extension again.

select *
  from typcat
 where idtyp in (1000007, 1101009)
  and idcatparent = 10048



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