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XXL rules displayed in AED dashboard even if the step "Update SQL XXL Table Size for <application-name>" is skipped

During running snapshot, the step "Update SQL XXL Table Size for <application-name>" shows "skipped : no Table Size data" and still there might be XXL rules displayed in the dashboard. This is because if you are using SQL analyzer, then the XXL will be picked up by the analyzer.

The SQL Analyzer extension  can simply deliver the *.sqltablesize files that define your table row size information in the same folder alongside the source code. The Table Sizes Folder option in the relevant Analysis Unit editor in the CAST Management Studio does not exist for Universal Analyzer Analysis Units which are used for the SQL Analyzer extension.
In the cast -MS the  update XXL... is a common step that will be run for all analysis. Here if there is extension then this will be skipped as the XXL will be taken care by the analyzer.

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