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Create group in 8.3 version of dashboard shipped with Cast AIP

In previous version (8.2.x) of CAST we use to create group and corresponding user in group.xml files.
Now in 8.3, it is removed, and i think we are not mentioning any guideline how to create group and add user in the group.

groups.xml does not exist in 8.3/Dashboard Package so when Active Directory authentication is active, you cannot build "local" groups in groups.xml and add Active Directory users to these groups and then use these "local" groups to configure authorizations.
Instead, groups from Active Directory should be used for authorization needs, and if the appropriate group does not exist in Active Directory, one should be created.

Also to note that.

In 8.2, groups.xml file was possible to be used for local mode, not for LDAP mode.
That’s why since 8.3, you can still continue to configure the groups in file.

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