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New Release Announcement: AIP Console 1.13.0 is Live!

The Product team is pleased to announce the release of CAST AIP Console v. 1.13

CAST highly recommends to upgrade your AIP Console installation to this new version. It is simple! Install the new version in the same location than the previous one. Thus, you will get all the data preserved automatically.

You can get AIP Console v. 1.13 on CAST Extend portal



The new Architecture Studio

Architecture Studio is a new space in AIP Console where you can design and manage architecture models. The Architecture Studio does not depend on any application and is accessible simply by clicking its icon in the spaces gallery:

The landing page allows you to create new models, either from a blank page or a model template. That’s simple! Just select the template, click the “Create model from template” button, and that’s it!

You can also decide to work with existing models. For instance to enrich them with predefined layers and sets picked up from the model element library, and run checks against applications.

On the application end, as before you can attach and detach models to compute snapshots. No need to go into the Architecture Studio for that.

If you upgrade your installation to the new AIP Console v. 1.13, then the architecture models saved on the AIP Node environment(s) will be automatically moved to the AIP Console environment to be managed by the Architecture Studio. This operation is performed automatically and you will find all the details in the Upgrade Notes.

Assessment Model

It is now possible to adjust the Assessment Model for each application. To do that, go to the Config / Assessment Model page, navigate the quality rules structure, activate/deactivate rules, and change their weight. It’s easy!

And to make it even easier, especially with regards to the high number of quality rules delivered by CAST AIP, we added a Search field! This one allows you to see to which Health Factors and Technical Criteria the searched rules are attached.

Source Code Delivery Folder

In AIP Console v. 1.13 we changed the way the delivery folder is managed. This folder is now split per application to increase the reliability of the plugins and simplify backup/restore operations, especially when the number of on-boarded applications is high.

The existing delivery folders will be automatically migrated when moving to AIP Console v. 1.13. You will find all the details in the Upgrade Notes.

Setup and Settings

The AIP Console installer has been simplified. In version 1.13, a setup wizard allows you to enter the license key, to define the first admin user, and configure CAST Extend settings when launching AIP Console the first time after fresh installation. In addition to that the bootstrap mode of AIP Console has been removed.

You can now change at will the CAST Extend settings and the Measurement schema settings directly in the Admin Center space.

And more !

Take some time to review all the content of AIP Console v. 1.13 in AIP CONSOLE - Release Notes


This version can be deployed on top of any CAST AIP 8.3 Service Pack 6, latest Service Pack recommended. 


Help us to improve AIP Console. Send your feedback to Product Managers !

Damien Charlemagne - Director, Product Management – SIC -

Jérôme Chiampi - Principal Product Manager – SIC -

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