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Java objects are not saved when analyzed more than once due to reference in Class Path

When you refer the deploy root folder or sub folder from deploy folder which has .java files in the class path of CAST-MS then the .java files will be analyzed twice and resultant would be that the objects would not be saved in knowledge base.

So we have to be very cautious while configuring the class path. It should not contain .java files which are already deployed for analysis else you will end up losing objects/artifacts from those java files.

So we should always rely on DMT which picks the class path automatically as required by the projects. If in case the class paths are missed by DMT then we always need to keep the jars in one folder and refer that folder in CAST-MS

For more information on configuration of JEE analysis please check this link :

This is a bug in JEE analyzer which takes into account .java files as well which should be ideally ignored by the analyzer. 

This issue has been planned to be fixed in JEE 1.2.8 funcrel


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