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Imaging System 1.8 - License is now mandatory !


Product team is pleased to announce a new version of Imaging Systen : 1.8 release

You can now download Imaging from CAST extend

Important note: to be able to use CAST Imaging System a license is required. Do not hesitate to email your CAST contact to get or buy Imaging System license.

What's new? 

License implementation. you will need to inject a license key to be able to use Imaging System. Please contact support team for existing installation or contact your CAST manager to get more information about it if you want to start using Imaging System


Application discovery use case is there thanks to Application Layer view and mechanism to drill-down into levels node by node. Also a module view has been added recently to get more functional overview. These Modules needs to be configured during the AIP Analysis. 


Imaging helps you in the Modernization journey with some help to design your targeted architecture introducing Services, APIs, technologies/frameworks and then identifies which area should be maintained or decommissioned. 




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