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New Release Announcement: AIP Console 1.12.0 is Live!

CAST Product team is pleased to announce the release of the version 1.12.0 of CAST AIP Console!

CAST highly recommends to upgrade your AIP Console installation to this new version. It is simple! Install the new version in the same location than the previous one. Thus, you will get all the data preserved automatically.

This version can be downloaded from the new CAST Extend portal.





AIP Console now supports the design of modules for Dashboards or Imaging consumption with: 

  • Automatic strategy like Technology, Analysis Unit, Full content mode
  • Manual strategy: filtering on Technology, Analysis Unit, Object name and path

Content of your Modules are visible directly in Console to validate your configuration.
All unassigned objects are visible if you choose manual strategy.


Architecture Checker

Designing architecture model has been made easier with the new Set Library. You can now insert predefined layers and sets into your model in 1 click!

You can create your own predefined elements as well by saving layers and sets into the Library.
It is now possible to modify user-defined model templates and test them against application. In addition, model templates can saved, exported, and imported.


Update local Extend Service

User can directly upload Extend packages in Console to update the local Extend service. Please download latest version of CAST Extend Service available on CAST Extend portal.


Rescan process

Console continues to improve the experience regarding new version of analysis by identifying new frameworks, installing new identified extensions based on added source and creating a missing package type and keeping existing configuration for unchanged source code.
An alert message will now appear if the new version has different source folder structure compare to previous version.

Mainframe Technology

Added few more configuration options at Application level and AU level.

Console Installation Tool

Added additional check to validate extend credential and provided License key.

And more !!!

This version can be deployed on top of any CAST AIP 8.3 Service Pack 6 but latest Service Pack is recommenced.

You will find more details in the Product Documentation: Release notes

Do not hesitate to share feedback and send feature requests!


Damien Charlemagne, Director, Product Management - SIC ,

Jérôme Chiampi, Principal Product Manager - SIC,


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