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Common Engineering Dashboard reporting issues encountered by support

At support, here are some of the most common pitfalls that we see at support in regards to Engineering Dashboard reporting (new feature implemented in dashboard package 1.9.0)


-           Make sure that you have a Read/write permissions for everyone for  the reporting directory and the logs directory:   (minimally, this should be for at least the user Tomcat is run under)

-           Make sure that your webservice URL in is this for AED/ED:  http://<server>:<port>/<dashboard>/rest  where <dashboard> is the name of your deployed dashboard

-           You may need to install .NET Core on your machine – see  for details

-           Make sure that the report generator for dashboards package is installed at the same level as the dashboard package

-           SAML will not work with reporting until Dashboard package 1.11.0 which provides a bypass:

-           In some cases, inconsistent violation data in the central database can cause problems with the reporting being generated.  If you see the report hanging and a message in the restapi.log about a Java NullPointerException thrown at this point, then please contact support to assist with determining the issue.

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