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COBOL impact analysis when an Array is used.

CAST does a pretty decent job of calculating Impact Analysis on the COBOL code, including calls to DB2.  This works well even when a flat variable is used to determine which program is called next.  (So, great job on that piece!)

We have one application that is determining the program flow programmatically, but not always in a flat variable.  This one application is creating an array of the next several programs to call - a call stack if you will.  I can manually trace through the code logic and determine what the array will contain, but CAST doesn't do anything with the array variable.  Is this something that might be possible for CAST to pickup?  I'm not sure how widespread this programming practice really is either.  I can provide a sample program if it might be possible.  If it is possible, it would really help us with this application.


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Hello Velinda,

As of now, the analyzer is not able to determine which program is dynamically called when the program name is stored in an array.

It would require us to evaluate the value of the index variable correctly. We would like to check the representative sample code.

For further communication, we have created a Zendesk ticket


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