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[FEATURE REQUEST] Viewing Critical Violations

The current dashboard displays a list of critical violations found in the application.
When you click on a violation you will see all the source that has that violation.

Our client wants to be able to see all the critical violations in a particular source code.
Meaning, they want to be able to select a source code and see all the critical violations found in that source code.

This will be helpful when a developer wants to modify a source code, the developer can refer to the dashboard and he can then fix all the critical violations in that source code at the same time.

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That's a very interesting feedback and thanks a ton for this. The important point to recognize is that with CAST promotes a unique risk-driven assessment model, where the idea is instead of focussing to fix all the violations in particular source file,  rather we should identify top riskiest transactions or components that are essentially critical for degrading a particular health measure(Robustness, Efficiency, on and so forth) and this is exactly where CAST stands out from the other source code analysis tools which essentially focusses on maintainability issues and blindly ask developers the fix all of them in a particular source file/ directory. We, at CAST, believe the best way to really improve the HEALTH of software is to be able to understand what is important and what is necessary.

More views on this topic are very much welcome.

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