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CAST Imaging Console 2.9.0 is live!

Release Date: 5 July 2023
We are happy to announce the release of CAST Imaging Console 2.9.0-funcrel!
In this version, we continued the effort on easing analysis operations and making the user more efficient to extract Software Intelligence from applications. Among the improvements (there are many!), we provide users with:
  • A new job progression window

A new job progression window lets the user informed on what happens along the analysis execution. Thus, being well informed on the job progression and on events that occur, he can plan his work more efficiently and quickly react by stopping problematic analysis jobs without having to wait for their completion.​ 

  • The capacity to resume analysis jobs
CAST Imaging provides the capacity to resume an analysis job from where it has been interrupted. Rather than restarting the entire analysis flow from the beginning, it picks up where it left off, saving the time spent on the initial steps. This is particularly useful when analyzing large applications​. 
  • A revisited Extensions Strategy panel
The Extensions strategy is now defined in a dedicated page where the user will find more efficient options to configure how the product extensions must be installed and used for all the applications and therefore to master the way the Software Intelligence is extracted from the applications.​
And much more! Visit the Release Notes


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