CAST HIGHLIGHT - Logs - How to generate detailed scan logs with Cloud Blocker information in the agent as well as CLI

Detailed Highlight scan logs cloudDetail_{technology}.csv which contain Cloud Blocker information must be uploaded in the Visual studio Code  IDE  when CAST Highlight Cloud Ready extension is used in it.

The detailed logs can be generated while using CLI as well as the Agent.


The CAST Highlight Cloud Ready extension for VS Code reads detailed scan logs  containing Cloud Blocker information (Roadblocks, line numbers and positions, etc.). 

To generate the detailed scan logs in Highlight Agent, please do the following

  1. Right click on the Highlight agent icon in the desktop.
  2. Add  --dbgMatchPatternDetail to the target field as shown in the screenshot below.1.JPG


To generate the detailed scan logs in Highlight CLI, please do the following

In  CAST Highlight command line add the following option: 

The logs are produced in the same folder as other scan result in CSV format: {scannedFolder}/HLTemporary/analysis/cloudDetail_{technology}.csv

More details including sample logs can be found at 

How to generate CAST Highlight scan logs with the command line





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