CAST HIGHLIGHT - Login - A general undefined error occurred. Please contact your administrator

When trying to login, user may come across the error  "A general Undefined Error Occurred. Please contact your administrator."


Workaround / Solution

  1. Attempt to login once again. If this does not work.
  2. Check whether the user is detached from the portfolio. User may have been detached from the portfolio, if there was an attempt to demote the users role, such as from a portfolio manager role to an application contributor role. If this is the case then 
    1. Ask any other portfolio manager for that domain or a root level portfolio manager to add the user back to the portfolio in the requisite role.
    2. User will get the email invite to rejoin the portfolio.
    3. If the user is the only portfolio manager then user should contact CAST Technical Support to rejoin the portfolio.
  3. Clear the browser cache and re-try or try with a different browser.
  4. If the user is using tokens (e.g. through the SCA browser extension),  try to open the URL in incognito browser.
  5. If the issue persists re-invite the user.

Ticket Numbers

24149, 23618, 25843, 24636, 25843, 29163, 30962, 34692,45016

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