CAST HIGHLIGHT - Discovery Step - Highlight is not recognizing files extracted using AIP extractor

After extracting DDL and  packaging it in the format *.castextract using CAST AIP Database Extractor Highlight analyzer is found to be not identifying *.castextract  files. It is also found that after *.castextract  is unpacked to *.uax and *.src file for analysis they are also not detected.


CAST Highlight supports PL/SQL source files provided by any extractor. But the source code should be provided through files with the extensions .pkb, .pks or .sql to be identified by the analyzer.

File extensions can be renamed into .sql with the following command line1.JPG

CAST database extractors produce .src extensions by default. However, it should be renamed
 into .sql with the  command line. Also refer  'Best practices for using the Local Agent' in pages 35-38 of


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