CAST HIGHLIGHT - Survey - How to retain the entries of the survey of an existing campaign by duplicating it to create a New Campaign

A Campaign can be duplicated or a new campaign can be launched with the same definition and scope with all the existing applications in it.

It is possible to duplicate only from those campaigns that are closed and not from the ones that are archived. Please also note that campaigns get automatically closed when all the applications in the campaign is submitted.

To duplicate a campaign

  1. Go to Manage Portfolio > Manage Campaigns as shown in the screen shot below1.JPG
  2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the selected existing campaign, that is if needed. Refer 2 in the below screenshot. Please note that If any parameters in the closed campaign are modified, that is the results are modified or survey is updated, the status of the campaign will change from closed to re-opened and it wont be possible to duplicate until it is submitted again and the campaign is once again closed.
  3. Click on the Arrow icon to duplicate the selected existing campaign. Refer 1 in the below screenshot.2.jpg
  4. In the Create New Campaign box that opens up keep the configurations as it is for this scenario. Please note that there is the option to decide on entirely new configurations, like excluding/including existing surveys or adding more surveys, removing/adding domains or removing/adding the applications in the domain selected, This if done should be done without affecting the entries of the previous campaign for this scenario by retaining the applications and their corresponding surveys. 3.JPG
  5. The duplicate copy of the campaign will now be listed in the list of campaigns. By default the new duplicate campaign name will have the end date of the campaign suffixed to the name of the pre-existing campaign.
  6. Click on the name of the new campaign.
  7. If needed edit the duplicated campaign and add new configurations. Refer 2 in the below screenshot. Ensure that the applications and their corresponding surveys from the previous campaign are retained if required. 
  8. Start the duplicate campaign. Refer 1 in the below screenshot. 4.JPG


Also check the suitability of Campaign & Scan Assistant

which  will help you identify applications and create campaigns based on missing or obsolete scan/survey data.










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