CAST HIGHLIGHT - Web - Login - User with active subscription is unable to login because of the error Subscription period has ended

Users with active CAST HIGHLIGHT account are unable to login. The error messages that they get are "Your subscription period has ended. To continue using Highlight please contact us" or "The user already exists" and in some cases there are no messages.


  1. Check whether the user is not detached from the Highlight instance. Please refer CAST HIGHLIGHT - User Administration - Detaching a user generates the error message: Your subscription period has ended. To continue using Highlight, please contact us
  2. Confirm whether the subscription period has not actually ended by cross checking user details in Zendesk or check Infocast. To cross check in Zendesk click on the company name in the top left corner of the page. If the subscription has really ended then please follow 

    CAST HIGHLIGHT - Subscription - Creation, Extension or Renewal of Highlight Instances

  3. If the subscription is still active, check whether the user's credentials are still used in another instance of Highlight.
    1. If it is ok for the customer ask their portfolio manager to detach the user from the other instance and then re-invite the user. Please check CAST HIGHLIGHT - Web - User Administration - How to detach an user account from the portfolio
    2. If the issue still persists then ask the CAST Internal Highlight administrator to check whether the users credential already exists in the database for the pilot ,demo, trial or any other instance which may be expired by now.
    3. Raise an ITCM ticket with IT to remove the user from the pilot / trial / demo or any other Highlight instance. To  create an IT change management request use the webform available at!init.jspa?pid=13220&issuetype=10001

Please also check whether the following are relevant to your specific scenario

CAST HIGHLIGHT - User Administration - How to have multiple roles associated to one Email ID 


CAST HIGHLIGHT - User Administration - How to grant access to a single user to multiple sub companies or sub domains in a systems integrator scenario

Zendesk Ticket

23522, 23465


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