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CAST Imaging System Course 

There is only one course for Imaging System in CAST University. For now the course is free of charge. To  enrol for this course, please contact your CAST Representative.

The brief of the course is as follows -

Course name

Description Target Audience Duration

IS 01 - Using Imaging System1.x

This is an introduction designed to provide an overview and a brief demonstration of CAST Imaging System and its capabilities.The course further explains how to use Imaging System as an end user, and how you can perform - 

  1. Hierarchical application discovery
  2. Application Modernization
  3. Discover application using search in Imaging System
Architects, SMEs, Developers, or Program/portfolio managers, or business executives to get insight into architecture, technologies, frameworks and other functional layers of the application. ~ 3-4 hours



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