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CAST Imaging - Foundations 

The CAST Imaging – Foundations course explains what is CAST Imaging and how you can effectively use it. Follow it and you will be able to learn how to use CAST Imaging.

The brief of the course is as follows -

Course name

Description Target Audience Duration

CAST Imaging - Foundations

This course gives you easy access to the foundations of CAST Imaging. You will learn all about using the user interface and navigating application architecture, exploring applications using the different scopes provided, enriching auto-generated views and objects with documentation and searching objects in it, and identifying relationships between different applications. 

Each module finishes with a quiz, designed to reinforce learning and test understanding. You need to pass these quizzes to complete the course.


Developers, architects, or business executives to get insight into architecture, technologies, frameworks and other functional layers of the application. ~5-6 hours



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