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If you are a new user and has requested a CAST Highlight account and if you are not able to activate your account because the confirmation link is not working, or the validity of the link has expired. (The link remains valid only for 2 days. Any attempt after 2 days might evoke the error "activation expired") then follow the solution provided below.


  1. Click on "Forgot Password"  link  available in the login page. See pointer 1 in the below screenshot.1.JPG
  2. Enter your Highlight login ID. See pointer 2 in the below screenshot. Please check the registration/invite email from Highlight to find out your Highlight login ID. Please contact your portfolio manger if you are not able to find out your Highlight login ID.
  3. Click on the "Reset" button. See pointer 3 in the below screenshot.2.JPG
  4. You will receive an email (to the primary email id or the alias if it is setup in your organizations mail server) with a link to provide a new password for your account. This link remain valid only for 1 hour.
  5. If you are still not able to login, please contact your Highlight administrator or contact CAST Technical Support at 

NB: Ensure that you are using the correct login page, that is you are trying to login only to the server where your account is hosted.

If your portfolio is hosted in AWS server use

If the portfolio is hosted in Azure server go to the login page  .

If the portfolio is hosted in Google cloud then use the URL.

If your account is for demoing or certification then use

To know the server in which your account is hosted please check the URL of the activation link present in the initial mail you received.

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