Contact CAST Technical Support by Chat

If you'd like to chat with us, the Chat box is available at the bottom right of each page of the HELP Center.

Note that inside of the CAST business hours, the icon shows Chat and outside of CAST business hours, the icon shows Help.

How to start a Chat with CAST Technical Support? 

To start chatting with CAST Technical Support:

  1. Click the Chat icon.
  2. If you have not yet signed in, sign in in the below windows: 
  3. If you have already signed in, the below window gets open:
  4. Enter your message in the text box
  5. Click the Start Chatting button


Outside of the working hours

If your request is posted outside of the working hours, a Contact Us form gets open.


  1. If you have not signed in, fill Your name and Email address. If you have already signed in, these fields are prefilled
  2. Enter your question in the How can we help you? text box
  3. Optionally, add attachments if needed
  4. Click the Send button
  5. The icon shows Message Sent

A ticket will be created and you will receive an automatic email with the details of the ticket.

How to end a Chat with CAST Technical Support?

You may end it in one of three ways:

  • Go to the options menu and hit end chat
  • Close the browser (no windows with the chat widget are open) the session will timeout within a timeframe of 20 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • If you are idled on a site (no mouse or keyboard input) with the widget your session will stay open for 20 minutes before the session is automatically ended. 

The chat session is still considered active unless it's ended by one of these reasons. An agent can leave a chat session, but it would stay open from the visitor side until one of the above conditions is met.

If you chat in again after CAST Support leaves, it will pop back into the queue. In these cases, the history of your previous chat will be present because it’s still considered the same chat session. Any subsequent messages will be added to the chat session, and once ended is added to the history as a single entry.

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