How to sign in - For CAST only

How to sign in - For CAST only – CAST


Use one of the following internet browsers :

  • Google Chrome v. 19 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox v. 10 or higher
  • Apple Safari v. 5 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 9 or higher



To Sign in, click this link.

You will get to the Sign In to CAST screen.




  • Click Sign In, the authentification windows appears, then click I am an Agent.


  • Fill the credentials with your CASTCORP trigram and password.


At first connection, you will be directed to the Help Center home page.

  • Click the Square icon (upper right corner)
  • Select the Support Icone.
  • The Light-agent interface gets displayed.





On subsequent connections, the Light-agent interface should be automatically displayed.

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