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Note- All the AIA courses and certifications mentioned in this page will reach end of life by June2021. Hence it is imperative for all the users to upgrade or follow new courses and certifications defined here.

AIA eLearning Course Catalog


Course Name


Targeted Audience

Course Duration


AIP-01 Overview of CAST AIP 8.x

This is an introduction designed to provide an overview and a brief demonstration of CAST AIP and its capabilities.

This course is the prerequisite for any AIA course since it provides an overview of the product that helps to build the foundation to help to understand the related concepts that come up in AIA courses.


 30 minutes


Getting Started with CAST AIP

This course provides a general introduction of roles and responsibilities of CAST Application Intelligence Platform Administrator (AIA). It teaches to customize the source code analysis, drive improved application code, and customize the Quality Model to match the requirements and priorities. It covers the following topics –

  • Installation instruction for AIP
  • Understand and perform Application source code delivery and analysis with CAST AIP
  • how CAST AIP can be or is integrated into the workflow and application life-cycle management process.

This course also includes quizzes to test learners' knowledge of each of the modules and must be followed by the AIA-102V8.3 for hands-on exercises.

Beginner and Intermediate

8-10 hours


Structural Application Analysis - hands-on

This is an extension of AIA 101 and includes the hand-on exercises and instructions that allows the learners' to implement the theory that they have learned in AIA-101 into practical by performing application structural analysis.   It is divided into two sections –

1.      Focuses on engaging the learner to become familiar with the CAST AIP tools and the recommended analysis process

2.      Focuses on exposing learner to real-life examples and case studies while presenting real-world solutions

This course supplemented with CAST coaching services, if any, provides the fastest way for new AIA Administrators to learn the tasks and achieve self reliance and proficiency with the product. 

This course is a self-guided reading path is sequential through the course contents and assignments. However, the course material can also be used to support virtual classroom training, where in conjunction with the expert guidance of a CAST proctor, the content and the course assignments can follow a custom learning path tailored to the training objectives and ability of the students

Intermediate (AIA Administrators and all the learners of AIA-101 course to gain hands-on experience and implement the theoretical knowledge gained from the AIA-101 course material.)

12-20 hours


AFP-201-Productivity Measurement

This course start with an overview of Function Point and discuss the core challenges of manual Function Point calculation and explains how CAST leveraging the software Application Intelligence Platform automatically calculates Function Point from the application transaction to measure functionalities and complexity of a software application. We will explore in details how to set up the boundary of an application, identify the elementary transactions, calculate and calibrate function point. The use of FP to set productivity improvement target and track improvement is also discussed

Advance level for AIP users but Intermediate level for Function Point users

8-10 hours


Introduction to AIP 8.3

This is a bridge course on AIP 8.3 and explains all the new features and changes of this release. The content/material of this course is a combination of learning videos, associated reference material, and quiz questions

Existing AIAs, Key Users, existing 8.x users ( Prior knowledge of AIP 8.2 is required)  

2 hours

CAST Certification for AI Administrator


For starting AI Administrators to validate of the eLearning and coaching provided has actually resulted in proper knowledge to start operating the AIP Platform.

CAST experience required to take up Certification - about a month

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For intermediate AI Administrators to demonstrate their ability to properly configure applications across different technologies.

CAST experience required to take up Certification - two to three months

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For advanced AI Administrators to demonstrate their ability to configure complex application for transactions configuration as well as AFP configuration in AIP.

CAST experience required to take up Certification - 4 to 6 months or more

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