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Key User eLearning Curriculum

A Key User plays a critical role in supporting company’s success with CAST AIP and understand final business requirements to contribute to meet the objectives. Key Users work closely with the CAST Operator and Super Operator to fine tune the analysis results to consider for the specific application context and to help expose improvement opportunities. They interpret the analysis results so that they can -

  • Prioritize violations, action, and define the right outputs/decisions out of CAST AIP analysis Outputs
  • Build the reports to explain the interpretation of analysis result for the consumption of customer, management teams, or vendors.

The role also requires to have a expertise on technology to understand application specific analysis data and create effective remediation plans


Course Name


Course Duration


KU-102V2 Driving Improvement with CAST

The course covers a high-level introduction to the CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) Key User activities. It further explains how to effectively leverage CAST AIP to drive quality and productivity improvement in the Application Development and Maintenance process.


~6 hours


CAST Certified Key User (CKU)

The CKU certification program is for CAST Key Users: software architects, application developer managers, application SMEs, and software veterans ready to help drive application quality improvement and get more out of CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP).

The certification also lets you to demonstrate the expertise on a technology of your choice.

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 ~50 minutes




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