CAST University for Key Users (Legacy)

Note- The legacy Key User courses and certifications mentioned in this page will reach end of life by June2021. Hence it is imperative for all the users to upgrade or follow new courses and certifications defined here.

Key User Certification


The CAST University offering for end users is limited to a single role for now. This is the Key User who takes care to ensure the right actions are set forward to investigate the measurements as presented in the CAST Dashboards. Checkout the program description and brochure for more details.




Driving Software Intelligence and Continuous Improvement & Learning

Learn the skills you need to effectively leverage CAST AIP to drive quality and continuous improvement & learning in your Application Development and Maintenance process. As Key Users you play a critical role in supporting your company’s success with CAST AIP. Key User support the initial registration of the application and work with the administrator to validate and fine tune the analysis results. Help fine tune the assessment metrics to account for the specific application context and help expose the most critical violations. Know where to find CAST AIP output, how to interpreted results, prioritize violations, action and remediation plans.

There are two versions of this course; one is targeted for AIP 8.x users who are using Legacy Engineering Dashboard and Health Dashboard (KU-101), second is targeted for AIP 8.x users who are using most current Engineering and Health Dashboard (KU-102.)

Certified Key User

Prove your knowledge and expertise with CAST AIP analysis results. Become a Certified Expert User and be more productive and exploit all the information delivered by CAST AIP  and effectively leverage dashboards, reports and APIs. Customize the Quality model to make and keep analysis relevant and meaningful. Understand and quantify the value of software analysis and drive internal use of analysis results.

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The CKU  certification program is aimed to CAST Key Users: software architects, application developer managers, lead application developers and software veterans ready to help drive application quality improvement and get more out of CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP).


How do I get started?


The CKU exam is delivered entirely online. To enrol for the exam, send an email to CASTU Mailbox.


Refer to the attached brochure for more information on the exam pre-requisites and format.

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