CAST Field: how to submit product improvement suggestions in the customer forum


IMPORTANT to read before submitting in the forum:


  • The forum is open and visible for all CAST customers.
  • Customers should submit their own suggestions themselves (see reasons below).

  • The forum is only for submitting product improvement suggestions - NOT for contacting support, ask questions, report defects, …
  • For your own suggestions: formulate them positively as an improvement suggestion, describe the reason and expected customer benefits.

  • NB. Never share customer-specific or internal CAST information in this open forum.
  • NB. Do not link to Support tickets since other customers will not have access to the those tickets.
  • Click here to go to the forum - then click [Post a Question or Idea]


For CAST employees, the forum replaces FEED for product improvement suggestions. Existing FEED suggestions can be re-launched in the forum (copy/paste). FEED is for the moment kept to handle suggestions that cannot be made public. 

One of the reasons for sharing internal suggestions in the public forum is that it opens up for getting customer feedback on internal ideas. 

Why customers should submit their own proposals themselves (not via Support or the field):

  • This is the only way to ensure that the customers get notified about PMT feedback or get notified about feedback from other customers
  • We want to make sure it is possible to have a dialogue directly with the customer who suggested the improvement
  • If for specific reasons, they consider that their proposal contains confidential information, they should make their proposal in the forum without such information and address the confidential information to CAST via email.
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