Files Attachment – Upload/download via FTP

This page explains how to upload input to a ticket and to download input from a ticket using a temporary FTP account.


I- Upload via FTP

1- Click on the FTP link, in the automatic email you have received at the ticket creation


2- You will receive an email giving you the credentials for a temporary account.

3- Launch your FTP client, for instance Filezilla, or your Windows Browser.

4- Connect to the CAST FTP server with the following values:

    1. Host: 
    2. Username: <as given in your ticket>
    3. Password: <as given in your ticket>
    4. Port: <empty>

5- Click on QuickConnect



  1. Select the input to be uploaded from the Filename section
  2. Right Click and select the Upload option  



II- Download via FTP

In order to get a temporary FTP account and to connect to the FTP server, follow the point 1 to 4 described in the "Upload via FTP" above section.


5- Click on QuickConnect



  1. In the right section, double click on the Download folder
  2. Right Click on the input you want to download and select the Download option  


  • if your Organization Network prevent the ftp Client to connect to (Firewall configuration, Proxy parameters), you will not be able to upload input via FTP. In that case, you can upload input using the HTTPS option as described in the Files attachment - Upload via HTTPS page
  • Make sure that the input you will upload does not contain invalid characters such as "{", "}".
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