How to report feedback on beta versions

Feedback on beta versions of CAST AIP and beta versions of official product extensions can be reported using the usual "Submit a request". Beta versions issues are handled directly by the product manager and development team (the regular Technical Support team is dedicated to handling the issues on Production versions of AIP and extensions). The format for reporting issues on beta versions is similar to the usual forms used to report issues to the CAST Support team


Alpha versions

NB. The information provided here also applies to alpha versions. 


Important information on use of beta versions

Beta versions usually:

  • should not be used in a production environment (eg always use beta versions on a dispensable copies of data, or a backup version of data)
  • upgrade to/from/between beta versions or other versions cannot be guaranteed, so you may not be able to reuse for example configurations done in a beta version in a later version.


Type of feedback

All types of customer feedback on beta versions is appreciated:

  • bugs
  • stability and crashes
  • functional limitations
  • performance
  • improvement suggestions
  • comments on ease of use
  • comments on available documentation
  • questions


How to report feedback or issues for beta versions

  1. Open CAST HELP Center (sign in with your usual login if necessary).
  2. Select "Submit a request" and create a new ticket using "+ Add" as usual.

  3. In the field Form, select "Feedback on CAST AIP beta" in the dropdown menu: 

  4. In the field Beta version, select the appropriate component and version. 
  • NB. Only recent alpha or beta versions appear in this menu. Feedback on older versions is often not relevant, so it is recommended to update to the latest beta version and provide your feedback on that. removed.
  • If you are testing a special beta build (e.g. not downloaded from CAST but provided directly by R&D), the you can use the field Other beta build number to identify the version used. 
  • Fill out other fields as usual (mandatory fields are indicated by a '*').
  • Submit your feedback.

    What is important when reporting issues on beta versions

    As for normal product issues, the ability to understand and reproduce an issue is essential. So, issues that are either easy to understand and can be reproduced are more likely to be fixed quickly. In some situations, the R&D team may ask you to provide additional information to help reproduce the issue, for example by using the CAST Support tool Sherlock.

    It is also extremely helpful when you can provide information that helps understand the importance of your feedback relative to your use cases, what you want to achieve, your environment, or the business importance of your feedback. 


    What happens after you have reported issues on beta versions

    Feedback on beta versions is handled directly the responsible product manager or development team and the prioritization and response time is therefore not the same as for usual support issues.

    During active development, beta issues are usually analyzed and fixed continuously, based on their importance and the ability to understand and reproduce the issues. 

    Fixed issues are normally made available in a later beta version, or in a later supported release. Contrary to issues reported on supported product releases, there is no defined Service Level Agreement for when issues in beta versions will be fixed. 



    You can only use this approach to submit feedback on beta versions of AIP itself, or on beta versions of official product extensions, not for unsupported extensions coming for example from the CAST community or CAST labs. 


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