How to search, read and then link the articles in Zendesk ticket form itself ?

You can search for articles, pre-view them and link the articles while solving the ticket in Zendesk Help Centre itself.

It is very easy.

Just search by entering a keyword or topic in the “Search for ARTICLES in the box below” app and select the best article that will help you to solve your ticket from a list of around 25 articles.


You can check and select from the list of three articles that our Artificial Intelligence based Answer bot thinks, is most related to the issue mentioned in the ticket. Answer Bot suggested articles are indicated by the Answer Bot logo.

Please read the step-by-step instruction mentioned in the screen shot below to search and link articles in the ticket form itself.





How to see the complete list of articles available in Zendesk Help Centre ?


If you want to see the list of all articles that are available in Zendesk Guide,

then you just have to press the toggle button for Knowledge Base in Support help centre dashboard



NB: Please note that, to view the complete list you must log into the Support help centre.

Also, some of the articles are internal articles which are meant only for internal use. Internal articles might have the symbol of a lock in front of the title.


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